Monday, January 28, 2013

The Vampire Diaries: Burning Questions

Is Matt going to be the only human left on The Vampire Diaries?

It appears that everyone is some sort of supernatural being, except for Matt. I often wonder if he feels left out. First his sister became a vampire, then died. Then his almost girlfriend Caroline gets bitten and leads the life of a vampire. His BFF Tyler was a werewolf and is now a hybrid werewolf/vampire. His friend Bonnie is a witch who can barely control her spells. His history teacher was a vampire hunter, then a vampire and then dead. His ex-girlfriend is a vampire and had to rely on him for nourishment, which he was happy to do because he blamed himself for her fate. Now his other new BFF Jeremy is a vampire hunter and he is being used as bait. Not to mention that his mom hauled ass out of town some time ago, leaving him basically an orphan left to fend for himself. How does he go on and what will his ultimate fate be?

I must say that I thought Matt was going to fall victim to a vampire a long time ago. He is kind of a background player. Dressed for the game, but only put in when it’s a blowout. He is getting some more action so to speak, but it isn’t quite the kind of action one would probably enjoy. And why isn’t Matt all doused in vervain now that Elena doesn’t need him for meals and snacks?

I am now left to wonder what fate beholds dear dear Matt. He must feel totally left out of the supernatural club. Everyone he hangs out with has some sort of “gift”. Are we going to find out that he is the key to the cure? There has to be some sort of end game with Matt. They haven’t kept him around just because.

Another question…why don’t they have elections in Mystic Falls? First Tyler’s dad was mayor then when he died a painful death, Tyler’s mom became mayor. Then when Klaus drowned her, Bonnie’s dad became mayor. So is it some sort of “phone tree” type situation where if Person A dies, Person B becomes mayor and when Person B dies, Person C becomes mayor? I thought maybe it was a Founding Fathers type thing, but I don’t ever remember Bonnie’s family being amongst the founders.  So how did he end up mayor? Was it just to remind us that one kid has a parent? At least for now?

Friday, January 11, 2013

A Mid-Season Review of Grey's Anatomy & Scandal

My original plan for today’s post was to review last night’s episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, however, I don’t feel that they are really review worthy. In other words, I don’t think there was much to the episodes. Instead, I think I will review the season of each now that we are kind of at the half-way point.

Grey’s Anatomy

This was one of the shows I was looking forward to most over the summer. They left audiences with a big cliffhanger and I was anxious to see how they dealt with that. It didn’t take long for me to be very disappointed. I had hoped to see more of how the crash victims were rescued and we didn’t get any hint of that until episode two and then it was a very small glimpse.

The sub-story running throughout the season is the crash and the “who’s at fault, what’s the payoff?” story. I don’t like it. I am sort of a traditionalist in that I want more stories about the medical aspect with sub-stories of personal life. I am tired of seeing flashbacks and pointing the finger at who is to blame. Let’s get back to weird cases and snarky Christina.

The intern-centric episode practically sucked the life out of me and they re-aired it nearly back to back. Once was way more than enough. I don’t care about these interns. I don’t think they add anything to the story. Remember when Lexie’s group first came to Seattle Grace? We know what happened to her, but what happened to the others? And why are there so many of these new interns and why are they so annoying?

I will say a couple of things about last night’s episode. First, that dress in no way screamed Bailey. I realize she didn’t do a lot of wedding planning, but you would think she could have at least picked out a dress that was more her and maybe wasn’t pure white considering her son from a previous marriage was an attendant of sorts. Sorry, that is just a huge pet peeve of mine. Secondly, I am glad they wrapped up the Adele storyline and had her pass off camera. I think the underutilized that character and it felt a bit contrived when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s ala Ellis Grey.


This show was a huge standout for me in its short first season run. I was glued to it every Thursday. So I was very happy when it was renewed and picked up for a full length season.  Things started off this year with a bang and has been nothing but a twisty turn, bumpy, mind-boggling journey. Just when you get an answer, seventy three other questions pop up. One minute you can’t stand Cyrus and then you like him again.

For me the biggest standout, must watch character is Mellie. I will admit that in season one I didn’t really care for her, but this season she has some of the best lines. More times than not she makes me laugh and I find myself rooting for her. I think she is twisted and incredibly intelligent. Fitz, on the other hand, seems like a total knob. It’s always interesting to watch political dramas because they often show the chief of staff has having the power, the drive, making shit happen. And this really is no exception.

I would really like the whole Cytron/Hollis Doyle thing wrapped up. It is getting a bit old. Also, let’s get back to some juicy cases. The last few episodes have been about the shooting. Actually, the season has had a huge focus on Huck, when I was expecting a focus on Quinn. I am happy to see David had a presence last night and I am still waiting for the day he becomes a Gladiator.

This second season has definitely had a darkness to it. Huck’s addiction, his relationship with Becky/Katie really have taken almost center stage. The first season had a dark side too, but nothing like this year. I would love a sort of lightening up of the second half, getting Olivia back to being a fixer instead of a mistress.

Are you watching the Shonda Rhimes block on Thursday nights? Are you enjoying this seasons stories? Hit the comments and let me know. Let me know what you want my thoughts on. I am always willing to share.

Happy watching…

Monday, January 7, 2013

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

The holiday break has ended and shows begin returning this week. I still have twelve hours of unseen programming on my DVR, my hopes of getting through it this past week/end was thwarted by my inability to concentrate or care.

I toyed around with blogging about what I have dropped, but really it is not that lengthy of a list. The only show that I was watching that I dropped was Revenge. I didn’t see the first season, but heard rave reviews. I caught one of those special catch-up episodes and began season two. It just didn’t feel that great to me. Then I started reading reviews and it seems that a lot of people think season two definitely filled out the sophomore slump role. I ditched it right around the Thanksgiving episode. I am not a fan of flashbacks! Well with the exception of Revolution. Take note Scandal. Take note.

I caught up on Private Practice which all seemed to be out of sequence. I think it happened right around Super Storm Sandy and just never quite got back on track. I know why I stopped watching this. I really don’t like Kate Walsh (never mind that she always sounds like she has a sinus problem). And the other characters lack life. I’m about 97% certain that I won’t watch the last few episodes, maybe catch the very last one. This show should have been gone a few years ago.

I am caught up on Castle and am finding it enjoyable again. I kind of got off track last season, late last season, but am back on board.

Nashville is definitely a bubble show for me. I just feel like they threw too much into season one. I think that the campaign should have been put off until at least the second season. They should have rounded out those characters a bit more, let us really get to know them before throwing that storyline at us. Some of it seems to move so fast and some of it moves so slow. I really would not be surprised to see this not get a pick up.

I am still trying to catch up on Flashpoint, Elementary and CSI.

I finally watched the fall finale of Revolution. I don’t know why it took me so long. I think in part it was delaying it, having something to look forward to. It was a good episode. I forgot how much I missed Billy Burke! I just adore his character.

I am also caught up on Arrow. There is something about that show that I just can’t quite turn off. I am thinking that it might turn into one of those shows that is like The Vampire Diaries. I didn’t much care for the first season, but held on and it paid off. I am hoping Arrow is the same way. I still cannot watch an episode of Beauty and the Beast. Ugh.

There are some shows coming up in mid-season premiers that I plan on tuning into.

First up, the Kevin Bacon thriller, The Following on Fox. I have been looking forward to this for a while now. I really love Kevin Bacon and this looks very intense.

I am anxious to see what changes Body of Proof has made. I didn’t watch most of the second season, but plan on tuning in because it is going to be practically a whole new cast. Waiting to see if there is more drama and grit.

1600 Penn is on my list. I watched the pilot and was so so on it. I think parts of it were funny, but there were some parts that was very much “really?”. I’ll give it a few episodes.

Deception premiers tonight. It doesn’t look that good really, just from the first few clips. I get that feeling that it won’t last. They might air all they have filmed, but not much beyond that. Again, that is just my gut feeling from the first few clips. I will have a better view point after the pilot.

The Carrie Diaries. I am so torn. Part of me wants to watch, but part of me is not on board with that. I think they did a huge disservice to the Sex and the City franchise when they made the second movie, which was a huge disappointment and total head scratcher. I didn’t read the book by Candace Bushnell so I really don’t know how she wrote young Carrie. It doesn’t look like it follows what was said/done in the HBO series. Yeah, just really can’t figure out if I want to tune in. Another reason is I am getting a little tired of all the teen set that The CW is all about. I get they are a younger network, but they need to try and stretch their demo a little.

And that is pretty much what is on my plate, along with my regular viewing preferences.

Things will be changing big time in my viewing hours with the recent announcement of the end of the NHL Lockout. Well maybe. It all depends on how much the cable company offers Center Ice for. I am not paying full price for half a season. That is not acceptable at all. I imagine that will be coming out in the next couple of weeks. I feel like the NHL should offer it for free. That would never happen, but it would be nice. Or at least deeply deeply discount it. More than half off is acceptable, anything more and it will require a lot of thought and analysis.

So what are you looking forward to in the second half of the prime-time season? Hit the comments and let me know.