Monday, January 28, 2013

The Vampire Diaries: Burning Questions

Is Matt going to be the only human left on The Vampire Diaries?

It appears that everyone is some sort of supernatural being, except for Matt. I often wonder if he feels left out. First his sister became a vampire, then died. Then his almost girlfriend Caroline gets bitten and leads the life of a vampire. His BFF Tyler was a werewolf and is now a hybrid werewolf/vampire. His friend Bonnie is a witch who can barely control her spells. His history teacher was a vampire hunter, then a vampire and then dead. His ex-girlfriend is a vampire and had to rely on him for nourishment, which he was happy to do because he blamed himself for her fate. Now his other new BFF Jeremy is a vampire hunter and he is being used as bait. Not to mention that his mom hauled ass out of town some time ago, leaving him basically an orphan left to fend for himself. How does he go on and what will his ultimate fate be?

I must say that I thought Matt was going to fall victim to a vampire a long time ago. He is kind of a background player. Dressed for the game, but only put in when it’s a blowout. He is getting some more action so to speak, but it isn’t quite the kind of action one would probably enjoy. And why isn’t Matt all doused in vervain now that Elena doesn’t need him for meals and snacks?

I am now left to wonder what fate beholds dear dear Matt. He must feel totally left out of the supernatural club. Everyone he hangs out with has some sort of “gift”. Are we going to find out that he is the key to the cure? There has to be some sort of end game with Matt. They haven’t kept him around just because.

Another question…why don’t they have elections in Mystic Falls? First Tyler’s dad was mayor then when he died a painful death, Tyler’s mom became mayor. Then when Klaus drowned her, Bonnie’s dad became mayor. So is it some sort of “phone tree” type situation where if Person A dies, Person B becomes mayor and when Person B dies, Person C becomes mayor? I thought maybe it was a Founding Fathers type thing, but I don’t ever remember Bonnie’s family being amongst the founders.  So how did he end up mayor? Was it just to remind us that one kid has a parent? At least for now?

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