Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ten on Tuesday: November 20, 2012

I thought I would do a Ten on Tuesday today.

  1. You have heard it before from me, The Vampire Diaries surplus of blood. Is their theme this year, The Bloodiest Season Yet?

  2. What happened to the pilot? It took two months for Grey’s to tell us what happened to Jerry the pilot and when they did, they were threatening to sue him!

  1. I need a primer. I don’t read comic books, because I am a girl and because I am over 30, so I don’t really know all these characters they hype in Arrow. I could use a little primer, a little back story on who they are. Is that too much to ask?

  1. They’re back! It seems that General Hospital is trying to find their way back into the hearts of their former viewers by resurrecting some favorite characters. First Duke Lavery comes to town, then AJ Quartermaine returns, then Faison and now Robert Scorpio. We are also going to be treated to Ned returning and in December Lucy Coe is going to be in town for a day. I sort of like it. It takes me back to my youth and to the heyday before the mob arrived.

  1. Hiatus. I am none to pleased that Revolution is taking a four month hiatus. I love that show and more importantly I love Billy Burke. I pray this hiatus doesn’t totally tank the show!

  1. The end is near. I know it is not television…really, but I can’t be the only person who is beyond thrilled that the Twilight debacle is ending. I can’t be the only person who shudders every time they see R Patz & K Stew. If they story didn’t turn me off already, the casting of those two definitely put me off on the franchise.

  1. Friday Night Nothing. Why is it there is nothing on on Friday nights to watch? I gave up on Blue Bloods last season when I just couldn’t take Tom Selleck’s smug, holier than though attitude. I have tried to watch CSI NY, but every time I do, time stands still and my will to live dwindles. Is Friday night the graveyard of television programming?

  1. CBS why? Why doesn’t CBS put their shows on Hulu+? I would love to fire up the old iPad on Friday mornings and catch Elementary, but nope, can’t. Why CBS? Why?

  1. Does the CW stand for Can’t Watch? I watch one show on The CW, The Vampire Diaries. Everything else is just not for me. Perhaps it is because I am on the downhill side of my thirties and their demographic is 18-30. But I am young at heart, so what gives?

  1. Technically not television related, but this freaking lockout is killing me. I depend on hockey to keep me somewhat satisfied and sane and with this lockout I have been forced to watch Young & the Restless and Days of Our Lives during that in between primetime time slots. It is not fair, brain cells are depleted every time I see Nicole Walker in a hospital bed.

So do you have ten things that bother you about television/shows/movies/entertainment? Hit the comments and let me know.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When a Show Changes

What do you do when a show goes south? Do you keep watching, waiting, hoping for it to get back to form or do you cut your losses?

I have been asking myself these questions over the last few seasons. Shows that I once loved, couldn’t live without, have consistently been going down hill and I am not sure if I am missing the appeal or if others are.  Let me give you a few examples.


This show used to be so funny and so engaging. Sure I had to overlook the realism of the FBI needing continual use of a forensic anthropologist. I had to overlook the computer technology that I don’t believe exists. That was fine. I could put all that aside because the characters were interesting. Hodgins with his experiments and conspiracy paranoia; Angela with her boho style and attitude; Brennan with her  lack of personality and matter of factness; and Booth with his total guy exterior.

But it changed. It changed when they decided to write Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy into the script. For me it doesn’t work. This sudden relationship that grew from a one-night sympathy sexcapade. I just can’t get behind it. I don’t like the way Brennan has changed. It doesn’t feel natural to have her and Booth kissing and playing house.

Perhaps part of it changed for me when I realized that I really don’t like David Boreanez. I followed him on twitter, and he made some statements and did some name calling that I felt was childish and really lowball. Ever since then I just can’t look at him without thinking negative thoughts.

Did the show change or did I change?


Remember when we still had Zivaisms? When the cases were stand alone and didn’t always tie with terrorism? When you didn’t have to have a full season arc that was hit and miss? When the director wasn’t a fixture, but a person you never saw?

I tend to do other things while I am watching this program. I read, write, clean. Anything but sit down and pay strict attention. If I were to just watch I fear I would slip into a coma. The show has become boring. Something I don’t care if I miss. Because after all it will eventually air on USA network.

Gibbs isn’t fun. McGee is more serious. Ziva lost her aloofness, her edge. Tony changed for the better, he isn’t as goofy. I get we all grow up, but why did the writer’s take away the fun? Ducky’s stories, once quirky are now downright painful and Palmer has taken annoyance to a new level.

It seems most every case is tied to terrorism of some sort. Nobody commits murder just to commit murder.

Have they run out of material? Ideas? Oomph?

I don’t think it can all be me, can it? Is my taste for television changing? Have I watched too much and am nearing my limit? Or am I just getting older and have less tolerance than I use to?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekly Questions - The Thursday Edition

Thursday was a full night of television in my household and these are the questions I was left with after three hours.

The Vampire Diaries

  • Caroline has super hero hearing right? So did she overhear Klaus on the phone with Tyler?
  • So is Caroline the official compel artist in Mystic Falls? She seems to be the go-to person to make people forget.
  • Is Jeremy sweet on April or does he just think she's been through enough already?
  • Was Connor the James Bond of vampire hunters? He had some pretty slick weaponry.
  • So is Jeremy going to tell anyone about his cure map?
  • And why did his map start to grow? He didn't kill a vampire.
  • Is Elena the sloppiest vampire ever? She never seems to wipe her face, which is poor hygiene.
  • Is Bonnie the dumbest witch? Who trusts a man named Professor Shane?
  • Is Elena all effed up because she killed a hunter or because he was a descendant of one of the Five?
Grey's Anatomy

  • How much time is passing by on this show?
    • Zola is potty training
    • Minnesota is getting hit by mega snow storms
  • Who else loved "Buck Up", it's a Minnesota thing?
  • What city/state was Dr. Thomas driving in? There was no snow on the streets!
  • Did anyone else laugh out loud at "Doomsday Preppers"?
  • Could you blame anyone for not wanting to get involved with pulling a near dead lady from underneath a car? 
  • Why was Meredith so surprised? After all she is in the middle of a lawsuit for a plane crash.
  • Are frozen fish sticks Brazilian?
  • Are you supposed to microwave said fish sticks?
  • Who else wants a "bug out bag" stocked with alcohol?
  • Did anyone else expect to see Alex sitting with Zola on the potty?
  • Uh, did anyone else think they wasted their time on Dr. Thomas? That man was not coming back, not at all.
  • Uh, would that lady be talking? Didn't Callie say they replaced her entire volume of blood four times?
  • Who else is excited to watch Christina refer to her interns by their dwarf names?

  • What kind of secret circle is this?
  • So, Olivia solved the David Rosen problem by getting him his job back?
  • Do you just love that Huck attends AA meetings to deal with his addiction to killing people?
  • Did you all think she was raped? Really? 
  • Am I the only one who thinks going on a stalking date with Huck would be fun?
  • What governor hits the bar on the way home?
  • Is Hollis Doyle the most powerful man in DC? or the World?
  • Why didn't they name the episode 4,359?
  • Was Mellie wearing a helmet made of hair?
  • Was the best line of the night "If your water breaks, change your pants and cross your knees"?
  • Do you think Cyrus is bipolar?
  • Is Abby going to start "investigating"?
  • Really Governor? Rape is a "gorgeous word"? Wow!
  • Voter fraud? 
  • Is the computer plant guy in the Secret Circle?
  • Will Abby live to see the end of the season?
Wowzers what a night! Did you tune in? Do you have any burning questions? Hit the comments and let me know.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Four: November 9, 2012

Four Shows I Plan On Catching Up On During My Snow Day Weekend

  1. Elementary – I think I have three episodes to watch including last night’s.

  2. Castle – Check off four hours on my backlog.

  3. Nashville – Three episodes await me.

  4. Flashpoint & Covert Affairs – One of each.

So that is twelve hours worth of viewing. A little less if I fast forward through the commercials. If I get that all done I will be amazed & super excited. I will also surely have a lot of questions for a Weekly Questions post.

What’s on your DVR? Do you let the shows pile up like I do or do you watch them right away? Do you like having multiple episodes of one show so it is like a mini-marathon? Hit the comments and let me know.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Arrow Answers My Questions

It would figure that I would post questions I had about Arrow and they would answer them that very night.

Here’s a rundown of what happened last night.

  • Oliver gets arrested, but he PLANNED on that.
  • He magically entices Laurel to be his lawyer, then…
  • Submits to a polygraph to convince Detective Dad that he is innocent and admits to being tortured.
    • Apparently he learned how to be a polygraph while on the island.
      • Seems he got quite the education while stranded. Including a session from Death Stroke (at least I think it was Death Stroke (I’m still lost on all these characters. Must read up on them)).
  • He also laughs off his arrest and plans a party (since he is on house arrest, he has it poolside at Queen Manor)
    • Where he shows his scars to Laurel & they share a tender moment.
  • Diggle has signed on to be a part of Oliver’s Righting the Wrongs movement.
    • Which helps Oliver’s case when Diggle wears the Arrow hood and thwarts a gun deal all while Oliver is at his prison party
      • Thus allowing the charges against Oliver to be dropped.
      • But not before someone tries to murder him
      • Good thing Detective Dad was invited to the party to shoot the bad guy dead.
  • Then he suits up and saves the day by doing bad/good to the gun dealers.

Also happening
  • Walter, after finding the Queen’s Gambit, consults with the head of security for Queen Industries and asks him to move the wreck to a secure location. Only before Chief Security can, he is killed in a convenient accident. Thus prompting Walter to confront Moira, who tells him she is protecting him. He then decides to check up on operations in Australia.
  • Little sis Thea is onto Oliver’s secret identity, thanks to the arrow head he gave her, which he totally tried to pass off as a souvenir picked up in the airport.

Did you enjoy this week’s episodes? Do you like the random bits of flashback? Or are you like me and would like to have an episode dedicated to island life? Hit the comments and let me know.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Arrow Pondering

I spent part of last night catching up on General Hospital (which was sort of a dud) and last week’s Arrow.

I have been pondering something all day about Arrow. The way it ended. You would think that as seemingly bright as Oliver Queen is and with all his fancy pants computer set up, he would have thought about cameras and would have disabled them. But nope, there he is plain as day pulling his hood and gear out of the garbage can. Seems like a pretty rookie mistake for someone who has had nothing but time to plan out his actions.

I must say that I am happy to know that someone else knows about Arrow and is actually going to work with him and not against him. I know next to nothing about the comic series or all of these villain/foes that he is confronting (something I had hoped to learn by watching the show).

After Arrow, I switched over to Covet Affairs, but only made it through fifteen minutes before I gave up and tuned into election coverage. Something like a train wreck, the way it draws you in. I was also on twitter and kept missing all these golden Diane Sawyer moments.

Did you watch the returns come in? Which station did you watch? Or did you just fire up the DVR? Hit the comments and let me know.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Revolution: The Children's Crusade

“The Children’s Crusade”
November 5, 2012

There were some very funny moments in this episode, thanks to Aaron. First he mentioned the “Children of the Corn” and then called said corn children, “pack of hairless Ewoks”. I loved it!

There was a moment when looking at all those children that I thought perhaps they were all Brad & Angelina’s. Was I the only one? I was wondering who/what killed their parents and when? Some of them were awfully young. So I am thinking that their parents died rather recently versus at the beginning of the blackout (15 years prior).

I loved when Rachel told Bass that she didn’t know where Bradley lived. “I’ve been out of the loop for some reason.” A lot of great writing tonight.

Was anyone else surprised that these kids tugged at Miles’  heartstrings a little? I loved seeing that change in him.

I have to wonder what season they are currently in. I wonder this because Charlie, Aaron & Miles all wear somewhat heavy coats, yet Nora walks around sleeveless. I mean I sort of understand why Miles would opt to wear long sleeves as I am sure he has the Militia brand, but the others? And Aaron is a big guy and big people don’t deal well with heat.

It seems that Aaron is sort of playing fast and loose with the power pendant. First he dropped it and Nate/Jason saw it and reported back to Bass. Then the little chitlen tonight took it. For something that is so precious, you would think he would keep that stuffed somewhere safe.

Captain Neville. He is a game changer. I know we saw his backstory, but I really don’t understand how he went from a timid insurance adjuster to murderer in six weeks and then on to become Mr. Militia.

A lot of people die on this show, yet there is not a lot of blood. Keeping it a little on the family friendly side of life. I have my own thoughts on the shortage of movie blood. I am a staunch believer that The Vampire Diaries have claimed it all for themselves this season.

So the power pendant just chooses when it wants to work? Grace seemed to be somewhat in control of hers. But Ben’s sort of has a mind of its own.

It seems that while at Drexel Manor last week, Aaron picked himself up a shiny new pair of balls. He is upping his kill count.

I can’t quite figure out if I am supposed to hate Bass or find him somewhat endearing.

Was I the only person who expected the DOD guy’s eyes to start glowing or for him to sprout horns? He reads total sci-fi creepo to me. I can’t seem to find out who plays him.

In case anyone out there is wondering where you know Lt. Slotnick from, he was played by Joshua Cox and he was on Strong Medicine. Too bad he got “slotured” because I sort of liked him, except when he was being a total dick.

You could totally tell that Elizabeth Mitchell was not really pregnant. First, that was an obvious belly pillow and two, what that-many-months pregnant women risks it in wedges?

So, DOD is Randall. Creepy ass Randall.

And the whole blackout started because of a big old oops? They created an energy killing machine rather than clean energy? Definitely did not see this as the result of a total failure experiment.

Three episodes left this year? Wait! Does that mean only three episodes before the three month hiatus?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday's Look Ahead: November 5, 2012

Here is a look at this week’s viewing schedule.

  • General Hospital
  • Revolution
  • Castle (DVR) (I still haven’t seen episode 2…better catch up)

  • General Hospital
  • Catch up night! (Thanks to election coverage)
  • Covert Affairs
  • Tosh.0 (DVR…too late for me)
  • Brickleberry (DVR) (I haven’t quite figured out why I still watch it)

  • General Hospital
  • Arrow
  • CSI
  • Nashville (DVR)
  • South Park (DVR)

  • General Hospital
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Scandal
  • Elementary (DVR) (I am behind on this one too)

  • General Hospital
  • Catch up

  • Catch up
  • Revenge (Sunday)

Currently on DVR
  • Castle (three episodes)
  • Elementary (three episodes)
  • Nashville (two episodes)
  • Arrow (one episode)
  • CSI (one episode)
  • CSI NY (one episode)
  • Revenge (one episode)

What is on your viewing schedule this week? Are you tuning into all the election result coverage? Hit the comments and let me know!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Questions of the Week: November 4, 2012

This week held just a few questions. Thanks to Sandy it was kind of a slow week for primetime.

·         Do you just love that shows are showing the “after birth residual baby bump”? Amandemily had one on Revenge last week. Of course this week she will probably be back to some skanky Daisy Dukes.

·         Could General Hospital possibly tell the AJ/Michael story another time? First Michael told Starr, then Michael & Carly talked about it, then Carly told Todd and then AJ and Michael told each other. Seriously, we get it.

·         What kind of insurance does Nicole have on Days Of Our Lives? She spent something like two weeks in the hospital for a fall down some stairs.

·         Did The Vampire Diaries invest in a movie blood company? There has been copious amounts of blood this season and 98% of it has been coming out of Elena’s mouth! She just might be the sloppiest vampire diner ever!

·         Was anyone else glued to SuperStorm Sandy coverage like I was on Monday night? I just could not stop watching it.

·         Also did anyone just love how Shepard Smith was more concerned about his high-rise apartment than about the thousands of people who were displaced? And by love, I mean sickened.

·         Does anyone else think that CSI New York is dying a slow, painful death? I can’t seem to pay attention to even five minutes of that show.

·         Who else absolutely loved Drexel on Revolution? I can’t be the only one!

·         Speaking of Revolution, if Danny is Monroe’s guest, why was he shackled on the ride to Philadelphia? That is not how we treat guests in the western part of the States.

·         Has this been the most disappointing opening week to November Sweeps yet?

·         NBC, why are you punishing us by putting Revolution on a nearly three month hiatus come January?
What are your burning questions? What are you looking forward to in the week ahead? Hit the comments section and let me know.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

What's On Tonight?

Nightly my Mom will ask me what is on t.v. that she likes. For some reason she can’t remember what night her favorite shows are on. It’s not her getting older, she has pretty much always been like this. Television was never her thing in the past like it was mine. But as she has gotten older and her children grew, she suddenly had more time and the best way to past time in this age is to watch television. Usually she is a day off on her shows. She thinks Elementary is on Fridays or Face Off is on Mondays. It is not uncommon for her to ask me twice a night what is on. I have made her schedules, printed them off, but she never looks at them. So I have learned to deal with it.

One thing she always seems to remember is that there is never anything on Saturday nights. I have often been irritated that there is never anything on Saturday nights. I am sure there are several reasons. Such as most people go out on Saturday nights.

The only thing that was ever new on a Saturday night was the HBO premiere. Remember the theme song for the Feature Presentation? I love when they sometimes go old school and still play that.

Now Saturday nights are reserved for college football and repeats. I think 48 Hours still airs new episodes, but gone are my days of watching real crime. The fake crime is so much more glamorous. With the invention of DVR?TiVo, one can catch up on those shows they missed during the week. Or if you have expanded cable/satellite you can catch a week’s worth of General Hospital on Soap Net.

I always have a hard time deciding what to do watch. I know I have Sunday coming up and want to usually save the “good” shows for Sunday afternoon knitting sessions. As I type this, the October 12th CSI New York is playing. It is a show that I can listen to, I don’t really have to watch. I can glance over my shoulder from time to time and be perfectly caught up and in tune.

What do you watch on Saturday nights if you stay home? Do you watch repeats, recordings, movies? Hit the comments and give me some ideas or answers!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Four: November 2, 2012

Four shows I am looking forward to catching up on this weekend.

  1. Nashville – I am still not 100% sold on this show, but I do have a little crush on Deacon, so I am going to watch the last two episodes and then make a decision.

  2. Elementary – I find this show intriguing, yet sometimes difficult to watch. I think part of it is the newness of the relationship between Watson & Holmes. And also because I am not a big fan of Lucy Liu.

  3. Arrow – I think this week’s episode might be interesting now that Diggle knows about Oliver’s “secret” identity.

  4. Vampire Diaries – I missed last night’s episode and can’t wait to see it. Looks like more Damon than Stefan and that is always a good thing.

Are you catching up on viewing this weekend? What’s on your DVR? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Face Off Crowns a Winner & The Final Hour

Face Off 
Winner Announced
October 31, 2012

I only watched the last three minutes, where they announced that Nicole was the winner. I will admit that once she returned to the show, her work was considerably better. With that said, I didn’t think she really deserved a place in the finale. I have my reasons. I felt that Roy, who had consistently received praise from the judges, should have had her spot. I can’t recall Roy being in the bottom looks, and if he was it was maybe one time. I just felt that the one challenge should not have been weighted that heavily to place Nicole over Roy.

I hate when viewer votes determine the winner. It is not a true reflection of the talent, but simply a popularity contest. It is the most frustrating things about these competition shows. I admired Face Off for not being a show that chose a winner that way. I admired them for having a panel of experts that determined who the most talented, most deserving was. It is not just because I didn’t like Nicole. It is because I thought that Derek & Laura had been better all around artists and I feel that the judges proved that through all the weeks of challenges.

The Final Hour

No, this is not a show. It is that final hour of primetime viewing. For me it is the 9:00 hour. I live in Mountain Standard Time so our primetime viewing begins at 7:00 and ends at 10:00. I have had the hardest time settling in and watching anything at 9:00. That final hour arrives and it seems like it is the time I am able to sit down and relax a bit. It is that hour that I usually spend online checking email, facebook, twitter.

Most of my DVR viewing is done on the weekends and is 90% Final Hour viewing. The only shows I try to watch “live” are Revolution on Mondays and Scandal on Thursdays. The rest of the nights I watch Friends repeats over on Nick at Nite. I can half pay attention for half an hour.

Most Final Hour shows require you to focus. They are not shows that you can just pick up half way in or hit and miss. They are not soap operas or sitcoms. Usually they are some of the best shows out there. They tend to be more intense, more adult in nature. I am sure that is because of their time position.

The Final Hour never used to be a problem for me. Then I got DVR and could push everything aside to when I am ready. And now there is Hulu+ and networks that air episodes online the next day. It is quite genius because I can get to work at 7:00, set up my iPad and pop on an episode of Scandal and get that “watched”, my email checked and my daily plan set, all before most people get to work! I believe my Hulu+ subscription is worth its weight in gold!

A little tip before I leave you today: If you have a conflict with DVR recordings, always opt to record the show on CBS. ABC, NBC, & The CW all put their episodes online the next day and also have their shows on Hulu. At least that is my experience.

Do you have a problem tuning into the Final Hour? Did you watch Face Off? Do you agree with the viewer’s choice, was Nicole the most talented? Leave me some comments and let me know!

Happy Viewing