Friday, January 11, 2013

A Mid-Season Review of Grey's Anatomy & Scandal

My original plan for today’s post was to review last night’s episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, however, I don’t feel that they are really review worthy. In other words, I don’t think there was much to the episodes. Instead, I think I will review the season of each now that we are kind of at the half-way point.

Grey’s Anatomy

This was one of the shows I was looking forward to most over the summer. They left audiences with a big cliffhanger and I was anxious to see how they dealt with that. It didn’t take long for me to be very disappointed. I had hoped to see more of how the crash victims were rescued and we didn’t get any hint of that until episode two and then it was a very small glimpse.

The sub-story running throughout the season is the crash and the “who’s at fault, what’s the payoff?” story. I don’t like it. I am sort of a traditionalist in that I want more stories about the medical aspect with sub-stories of personal life. I am tired of seeing flashbacks and pointing the finger at who is to blame. Let’s get back to weird cases and snarky Christina.

The intern-centric episode practically sucked the life out of me and they re-aired it nearly back to back. Once was way more than enough. I don’t care about these interns. I don’t think they add anything to the story. Remember when Lexie’s group first came to Seattle Grace? We know what happened to her, but what happened to the others? And why are there so many of these new interns and why are they so annoying?

I will say a couple of things about last night’s episode. First, that dress in no way screamed Bailey. I realize she didn’t do a lot of wedding planning, but you would think she could have at least picked out a dress that was more her and maybe wasn’t pure white considering her son from a previous marriage was an attendant of sorts. Sorry, that is just a huge pet peeve of mine. Secondly, I am glad they wrapped up the Adele storyline and had her pass off camera. I think the underutilized that character and it felt a bit contrived when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s ala Ellis Grey.


This show was a huge standout for me in its short first season run. I was glued to it every Thursday. So I was very happy when it was renewed and picked up for a full length season.  Things started off this year with a bang and has been nothing but a twisty turn, bumpy, mind-boggling journey. Just when you get an answer, seventy three other questions pop up. One minute you can’t stand Cyrus and then you like him again.

For me the biggest standout, must watch character is Mellie. I will admit that in season one I didn’t really care for her, but this season she has some of the best lines. More times than not she makes me laugh and I find myself rooting for her. I think she is twisted and incredibly intelligent. Fitz, on the other hand, seems like a total knob. It’s always interesting to watch political dramas because they often show the chief of staff has having the power, the drive, making shit happen. And this really is no exception.

I would really like the whole Cytron/Hollis Doyle thing wrapped up. It is getting a bit old. Also, let’s get back to some juicy cases. The last few episodes have been about the shooting. Actually, the season has had a huge focus on Huck, when I was expecting a focus on Quinn. I am happy to see David had a presence last night and I am still waiting for the day he becomes a Gladiator.

This second season has definitely had a darkness to it. Huck’s addiction, his relationship with Becky/Katie really have taken almost center stage. The first season had a dark side too, but nothing like this year. I would love a sort of lightening up of the second half, getting Olivia back to being a fixer instead of a mistress.

Are you watching the Shonda Rhimes block on Thursday nights? Are you enjoying this seasons stories? Hit the comments and let me know. Let me know what you want my thoughts on. I am always willing to share.

Happy watching…

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