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Dallas 2.0: What's Happening in Season Two

Dallas 2.0 returned for season two some four weeks ago and ever since I have been meaning to blog about it.

I was a huge Dallas fan back in the day and so when I saw that they were rebooting it, I was pretty much in. Especially when I saw that they were bringing back Bobby, JR, & Sue Ellen. I was a little iffy on the casting of Jesse Metcalf and had no clue about Josh Henderson.

I won’t lie, it took a lot on my part to get through season one. I really hate how they have weenified Christopher. And yes, weenified is a word, is means to make one a weenie. He is so weak and tries to act so tough. Definitely my least favorite character on the show. John Ross is young and stupid, trying to find himself while living in the shadow of his father. His facial hair sort of skeeves me out, but whatever.

Season one seemed to have a lot going on in a short amount of time. A wedding, a pregnancy, cancer, death, bad guys, theft, murder, cons, backstabbing, bribery, the list goes on. It truly was Dallas, just all packed into one can.

Season two started off…I don’t know how long after season one ended. My biggest pet peeve is that we don’t know how much time had passed. At first, I thought several months because Ewing Energies (or whatever they are calling it) had completely built their offices (remember the shell at the end of season one) and had a fully staffed and gotten everyone on board. It takes time to build out offices, especially when things have to be decided upon, then ordered, then installed, along with delays and subcontractors. Do you see where I am going here? A long freaking time!

Yet, Miss Pamela Rebecca Barnes is not showing at all. And we know she is totally preggers with Christopher’s twins. She jetted off with daddy Cliff at the end of the season. When you put the fact that she does not look pregnant together with the totally tricked out offices, you have to wonder who dropped the ball.

The first five episodes have been pretty full. First Harris tells Ann that he knows where their daughter is, so she gives him the blackmail tape and in turn Sue Ellen loses her bid for governor. Pamela is back and is taking over Daddy’s business I guess. Christopher is totally skanking around with Elena, who is now a partner in Ewing Energies (or whatever).

Ann’s daughter is totally turned against her thanks to Harris and Mama Ryland (played by Judith Light). So Ann, being so incredibly weak (what happened to strong Ann from season one?!?) shoots Harris. Bobby takes the blame & is arrested after Harris fingers him. Ann finally makes the police believe she did it and is carted off to trial. By the way was that the fastest trial ever? Seriously Phoenix, you should look into how they did it because this Jody Arias thing is dragging on.
Christopher tried to get an annulment but every plan he put into place was thwarted by either his cray cray wife or his ahole cousin. Couple that with the fact that I think he is to stupid to work his way out of a one room fun house, things just suck for him.

John Ross is still trying to get everything for himself. He apparently didn’t learn from his father’s mistakes in life. Live and learn I guess is his motto. He keeps trying though.

Because we didn’t have enough characters on the show already, they decided to give Elena a brother, a shady brother and bring him to the ranch as well. He has some smarts, but they seem to be overshadowed by his stupidity.

Seriously, is it just me or is Dallas 2.0 giving Texas men a bad rap?

JR for being so scheming and ruthless didn’t really learn who he can and can’t trust. Remember in season one how his own son was trying to sell him out? So what does he do? He tells John Ross about uncovering dead Tommy. And then John Ross tells Cliff and the whole thing is shot to hell. Seriously people, think before you speak.

Finally in last night’s episode, which they tell us is one month after Harris’ shooting, Pamela looks pregnant. Hallelujah all is right with the world again. Only it’s not because Ann’s lawyer calls two character witnesses, Sue Ellen (a former drunk and disgraced politician) and Pamela (the conniving bitch who is trying to ruin Christopher (her step son)’s life. Wow, Aaron was a good Secret Service agent, not such a good lawyer. (That is a 24 reference in case you are wondering). She is found guilty (sorry spoiler alert) and carted off to the prison van, just as Tony Almeda (24 is in the house) is being brought into court, fighting for extradition to a country that won’t execute him. Texas is serious business when it comes to the death penalty. Oh and JR is finally catching on to John Ross.

I know the show is setting up for the death of JR since the incomparable Larry Hagman passed away.  I hope that I am not the only one hoping that they are planning another “Who Shot JR?” mystery. I think doing anything other than that is a slap in the face to the long time fans of Dallas. That was such an iconic arc and to not use that history is unacceptable.

I think Jordanna Brewster is gorgeous, but I don’t think she is a great actress. It is so uncomfortable to watch her and Jesse Metcalf. I really wish the casting department would have searched a little harder, or perhaps have watched Passions (Jesse Metcalf) and The Fast and Furious (Jordanna Brewster).

I was so happy that they cleared up the whole Cliff/Frank father/son thing last night. I was left last week thinking that Cliff had had an affair with a super tall middle eastern woman at some point. Good to know there was no blood relation.
So Judith Light is great. I hate her character because she is a stuck up rich bitch, but she is good at it. There is a problem in that she is not nearly old enough to play Harris’ mom. I think I read that there is an 8 year age difference between the two actors. That is sort of creepy when you think about it. Of course I think their mother/son relationship is the definition of creepy.

One thing I love about the reboot is that they kept the opening theme, which is the all time classic in my opinion, and the opening credit vignette. Bravo TNT, bravo.

So have you been watching Dallas on TNT? What are your thoughts? Hit the comments and let me know.

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