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Thursday Three: February 21, 2013

Thursday Nightcap

I sort of felt like I needed a nightcap after watching my Thursday Three. Let’s dive right in…

Vampire Diaries

Elena is in all sorts of denial. She takes her very dead brother Jeremy home to wait for his magical ring to work, but since he turned out to be one of The Five, he is technically supernatural and that ring doesn’t work anymore.

But, she is pretty sure that witchy Bonnie can bring him back, because that never went wrong in the past. Only problem is, Bonnie is nowhere to be found. She is off in the Newfoundland wilderness with Professor Shady Shane. He tells her a tale of how to bring Jer back to life, back to reality. Sounds like total b.s. to me, but Bonnie loves Jeremy so she will try anything.

Dr. Fell comes to the Gilbert house to claim Jer’s body, but Elena is having none of that. Too bad for the people who can actually smell things, like super vamps Stefan & Caroline and the humans, because Jer is starting to stink up the place.

Damon hooks up with Rebekah and they run into another hunter. Damon leaves Bek with the hunter and heads off to find Bonnie. She comes into the clearing and Damon proclaims “I could hug you right now” and they do. Bonnie tells Damon she knows how to bring Jeremy back to life. They hop some sort of flight back to Mystic Falls and Bonnie lays out her plan.

Her plan involves a huge massacre. You see why I think Professor Shady Shane is full of b.s.? Finally Elena’s bulb brightens and she realizes Jeremy is dead and nixes Bon’s plan. Instead she decides to light the house on fire with Jeremy’s body inside as a cover story. Seriously they need a cover story? The sheriff is in on the situation, they have a doctor who knows, what is there to really cover up? Damon tells her to “turn it off” and I am not really sure if she did or didn’t. Because she still burns her house down, with all her shit in it. What?

Rebekah is still in Newfoundland, not really sure how she’s getting home, but that really isn’t her problem right now, she finds Professor Shady Shane in the forest all bleeding and dying and well that can only mean one thing. Silas is some sort of shape shifter and has assumed the Prof’s identity. So it was his total story of b.s. with that whole massacre thing.

Looks like we have some reruns coming up, so not to sure what is happening next in Mystic Falls.
Grey’s Anatomy

Things are getting dicey at Seattle-Grace. Derek & Company are trying to find a partner to throw in about 90% of the money they need to buy the hospital, Alana has talked Pegasus back to the table, the interns are getting haircuts and looking for work, Bailey is being a bitch and Richard is on to something.

So Mousy got a really cute haircut and is keeping Meredith up to date on her patients, while she has to intern for Bailey who is all bitchy about Meredith leaving her a patient who is ready to die and has no hope. Alex is working on taking down Phil, a little boy’s tumor, Owen is totally in the dark about everything.

The hour wasn’t all that exciting. D & Company finally read some people in when a potential investor tells them they have no leadership, so they enlist Chief Webber and Owen. Owen goes balls to the wall and begs the board to wait one more day, to which they agree. Derek & Webber get to fly to Sea-Tac in a helicopter only to be shot down by the investor (not literally).

Webber has some sexy talk with Momma Avery and in the end, the Harper Avery Foundation buys in and backs the doctor and then Shonda jumps the shark and informs Jackson and everyone in the room that he is the Foundation’s representative and that she essentially “bought him a hospital”. Yeah, “he’s in charge.”

I think my brain shut down at that moment because it was one of the dumbest things I think Grey’s has done to date. And I have no more words.


Well Hollis Doyle isn’t the one spying on Olivia. Thank god for that right? We find out pretty on that Creeper Jake is working for Evil Fitz. That’s right POTUS is having Liv spied on. Jake makes the comment that they have gone from photo to video surveillance and I am taken back to long before Fitz was shot that he had photos of Olivia. So, he’s been spying on her way before he knew about Defiance. But why? I am pretty sure that is the big arc question we are going to be asking ourselves until the season finale.

Jake is at least somewhat of a gentleman and doesn’t watch her get all naked. Score one for him. Also I think he might actually care for her. And not just in that stalkerly way.

Cyrus is still being frozen out by Fitz and Mellie is still in his good graces. Olivia tips Cyrus to letting Mellie be her own downfall and then he tips the media when it is decided that the First Lady will speak to the family of the hostages on a call-in. Once Fitz finds out, he is pissed and out pushed is Mellie and Cyrus just sits backs and waits.

David is being followed, but doesn’t know by whom. Huck is a smelly felly and the team has a new job of finding a non-gay, non-committed governor candidate and fake wife. And I am quite sure we all knew from the beginning that he was not gay and not gun shy around women, and was indeed bedding his sister-in-law. What we didn’t know until later in the show is that his brother totally knew about it and had no problem with it whatsoever. Politicians people, pol-i-ticians.

Finally we find that some lady (sorry I zoned out a bit) was following David and that she knows who was after the dead lady (who’s name I do not remember).

The CIA director assures POTUS that the mole is not in his department, which technically isn’t true because we find out HE is the mole.  Oh and Olivia & the Gladiators all know that.

I love that Quinn did some research on water-boarding to figure out what is going on with Huck. I think they have this adorable relationship. They are both the quiet types.

So why is Fitz spying on Olivia? How long before CIA Director is outed? Will Cyrus ever get back into Fitz’ good graces? And why do we still not know the name of America’s Baby???

Did you tune into any of my Thursday Three? If so what are your burning questions and head scratchers? Do you think Grey’s “jumped the shark”? Why is Fitz spying on Olivia? Hit the comments and let me know.

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