Monday, March 18, 2013

Catching Up: Castle's Valentine's Day, Kidnapping & Daddy Issues

I am slowly making my way through my backlog of DVR recordings. I am happy to report that I am now all caught up on Castle, having just finished the two-part Alexis kidnapping story last night. I have a few thoughts and the last three or four episodes…

The line of the season I believe goes to Castle when he received his Valentine’s Day gift from Kate. She leads him to a drawer and tells him to open it. He does and sees that it is empty and he feels around and says “Maybe it’s in another drawer”. Funniest line of the season. I snorted, I laughed so hard. The look and the tone was all kid-on-Christmas-morning like. Bravo to the writers and to Nathan Fillian for pulling that off.

I thought the Valentine’s Day episode was perfect. It was so sweet and I loved that Gates was so into the Wall Street Wives show.

Backing up a couple/few episodes, what was up with Meredith? She has to be in the running for Worst Mom Ever. I am not a huge fan of Darby Stanchfield in general, but I think she pulls it off in this role. She did completely change the dynamic with Kate & Castle though, at least from Kate’s point of view.

Now onto that two-parter that lead into this long break. I feel sort of let down. During the first hour plus, I was all like, oh they kidnapped this guy’s daughter for some sort of political reason and Alexis was in the wrong place, just like everyone else thought.  Then they drop the bomb on us that Alexis was the target. Then with like twenty minutes left in the second hour we find out that Castle’s dad is a super spy and it is because of a past deed that Castle & Alexis were targeted.

There was maybe 10 minutes with the “bad guy” & the action sequence. I would have liked it much more if they had spent twenty minutes on the Sara girl & the remaining time with the “dad” plotline.  It felt so rushed.

I do however love that James Brolin is Castle’s dad. And I think that the story he told of how he was sort of always in his son’s life was awesome. And the ending with the book was a nice touch.

I have read some spoilers and they have not shot anything that has any mention of Castle’s dad, so that is a bummer.

I drifted away from Castle last season with the whole Beckett/Therapy/Denial/Revenge thing. I just wasn’t feeling it. I came back this season because it felt like the old Castle. The one who has fun on cases. Plus I have been loving some of the guest stars.

Are you a Caskett shipper? I must admit that I am almost always against pairing characters up on a show who have such a great chemistry in not being a couple. This one is working so far. It is nothing like Bones, where they totally ruined the dynamic of the show. He is still his childlike self and she is still hard as nails. Together they are adorable as well.

What are your thoughts on Castle? Did the writer’s finally get it right? Did you feel let down by the Castle Dad 20 (minutes)? Hit the comments and let me know.

Coming soon to Catching Up: Body of Proof, The Vampire Diaries and eventually Elementary.

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