Friday, March 22, 2013

Scandal: Top of the Hour – March 21, 2013

Remember that six month time jump Scandal took back in January? Well it felt like we waited six months for a new episode.  Returning last night, Pope & The Gladiators took on a scandalous cheating/sex case between a Supreme Court nominee and Dr. Cuddy.

Guest star Lisa Edelstein played Sarah, a powerful CEO accused of having an affair with Judge Randall, POTUS Fitz’ pick to replace Verna on the bench. Her lawyer calls in Olivia Pope to do some damage control. Things are going to be a little bit harder this time around because it turns out, it’s true. She did have the affair and then some with the Judge. Oh and Cyrus is on Team Judge and is hell bent on beating Olivia at her own game.

While Harris & Abby work to clean up the little morality clause issue, Huck takes Quinn under his wing and they stalk tail the CIA director to find out where he is making his drops & get some insight. They tail him right to the cleaners. Could it be more clichéd? But, the insight gleaned favors Director CIA as he has an inside man at the cleaners who sends him photos of Quinn returning his clean laundry, in which she found at least $20g’s. Ruh oh, Scooby Doo, I think we’re in trouble now.

Olivia gives some information to Jake the sometimes creeper which he passes on to Fitz, who arranges a rescue operation and the CIA operatives human relief workers are found safe and sound. But there was a little problemo. During their rendezvous, a spunky photographer snaps a shot of Olivia & Jake meeting.

Oh and Mellie discovers that Fitz is not cheating on her with Olivia (as she thought from his late night phone call hidden agenda meetings), but Cyrus with Jake.

Jake has a little breaking and entering tendency and ransacks Snappy’s place to try and find the memory card with the photo on it. He ends up beating the crap out of the guy, who did get some good shots in, claims the card and heads over to Olivia’s apartment to celebrate the win. The rescue, not the claiming of the card.

As she goes to get him some ice, he settles in on the couch and gives a snide little smile to the camera. I think he might be part-time government official, full-time creeper.

The episode didn’t pack a lot of punch, but was entertaining enough for the late hour.

What did you think of Top of the Hour? Was it your top hour last night? Hit the comments and let me know.

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