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Revolution: The Stand – March 25, 2013

If you have not seen last night’s episode of Revolution, you may not want to proceed because I am going to spoil the hell out of it!

First, I am so happy this show is back! I really missed it, but didn’t quite realize how much until last night’s BIG return.

They didn’t hold anything back, tons of action, some power and lots of mysterious bits of information.

They continue to find clever new ways out of situations. Morgue attendants carrying dead bodies with at least one real dead body? Genius.

So, was I the only one who was hoping to solve the whole, Miles/Rachel summoning that was teased early in the season? They had that alone time and he drops the bomb that he thought she was dead and he would never have left knowing that she was still alive. And, “All that time with Bass, did he hurt you?” And then I thought they were going to kiss and they didn’t. OMG! I need the answers! I need to know what happened between them!

I still really really hate Neville. I know I am not supposed to like him and I don’t. And deep down I know he is not going to die anytime soon. He’s such a dick to his kid. To beat the hell out of him and then tell Monroe the he’s “dead”? I’m not sure how Kim Raver is going to feel about that. That is if we ever see her again.

I’m totally expecting Jason to join Team Miles with Charlie’s nomination & campaign management.

John looked like a sketchy guy from the beginning. It was no surprise to find out that Randall had gotten to him and it was also no surprise that he is not the best at tying people up. How did he stockpile all of that weaponry? And what has Randall been doing for fifteen years that he is just now getting to these people and The Tower?

The Militia open fire on the rebel headquarters with Nora, Aaron, Charlie & Danny on the front lines to hold them back. Things are not looking so great for the rebels and then in rides Miles & Rachel to the rescue. Miles has a big old grenade launcher, but is unable to get a shot off due to being blown back by some massive firepower from chopper number one. While the ladies tend to him, Danny sees an opportunity to be the hero and takes the grenade launcher and blows up chopper number one, which just so happened to have the amplifier on it. He basks in short victory as chopper number two is spinning out of control and the gunmen get a few rounds off that hit Danny directly in his abdominal region.
I always expected Danny to be a casualty. I don’t know that I expected it in the first episode after hiatus. He was a throw away character. He meant nothing to the audience and his death serves up the motivation to take down Monroe. Plus he was weak. His asthma was always going to slow the team down.

But, what was that thing that Rachel “surgically” removed from his side? At first I thought they had blinking bullets but then I remembered the surgery that he needed as a youngster and how Randall had a hand in making that happen. More mystery.

The first half of the season was dedicated to rescuing Danny (RIP) and it looks as though this second half is going to be dedicated to getting to The Tower and Level 12.

What were your thoughts on The Stand? Are you happy Revolution has returned? Hit the comments and let me know.

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