Wednesday, March 6, 2013

UPDATE: General Hospital: March 6, 2013

I have an update on the recast of Lulu Spencer Falconeri on General Hospital. While I was convinced that Jen Lilley was going to replace Julie Marie Berman, GH went out and got Emme Rylan to play the littlest Spencer.

You may ask yourself, "Who is Emme Rylan"? And I did ask myself that, out loud. She is actually Marcy Rylan with a new first name, that has not been explained.

I didn't even know she was on the market because last I heard and saw, she had returned to Young & the Restless as Abby Newman. Even if I had known, I would have still tapped Jen Lilley.

Win some lose some.

And GH is losing another of its stars as Brandon Barash is exiting the role of Johnny Zaccara. I can't say I am that surprised considering Johnny was carted off to Pentonville a few weeks ago. Yes, GH's prison of choice is named Pentonville.

Oddly enough Johnny & Lulu used to be an item.

And much to my surprise, GH did NOT kill off Steven Lars Webber. They are actually sending his character to Mephis or Nashville (not sure which) to answer a murder charge, to which he claims he is not going to fight.

I fully expected Steven do die during or shortly after his vows to Olivia. Instead they were interrupted with the Tennessee town of choice PoPo.

They never did anything with that character. I thought they had a lot of opportunity and I don't know if it was Scott Reeves or the writing of the character, but he was a dud.

And finally...

Fan favorites Brenda & Jax are returning for the big 50th Anniversary Bash. Look for Ingo Rademacher & Vanessa Marcil to return sometime in the next few weeks.

Still waiting for John Stamos to commit to a return as Blackie Parrish. Fingers crossed.

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