Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Catching Up: March 6, 2013

After a month of new airings, we seem to be fully entrenched in repeats this month, with a few new episodes sprinkled here and there.

The Following

I finally sat down and watched the first six episodes this weekend. I wasn’t sure I was going to keep watching, but I like to give a new show a couple of episodes before I make a decision (unless I can’t get through the first twenty minutes). And now I am kind of hooked and wondering how this is all going to play out.

Fox gave the show a second season pickup and I am imagining that it will center around Ryan Hardy (played by Kevin Bacon) getting a new pacemaker. Seriously he is really pushing that little appliance to the max, really seeing how much it can take.

I find Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) intriguing. I know I am supposed to hate on him, but he is a charming sort of character and I really love seeing how he pulls in his followers.

The writing on this show is incredible, if not a bit scary. I am sure a lot of research was done into serial killers and cults and that is where a lot of this comes from, but some of it comes from their minds and that is disturbing.  I point you to a scene in which Jordy, the hapless prison guard who slaughtered three girls and then got caught was easily coerced into giving up some information and the subsequent scene where he committed suicide. By choking himself with the bandaging on his shoulder. Seriously, he ripped off the bandages with his teeth and forced himself to swallow, thus causing him to choke and asphyxiate. Creatively creepy.

I also have to know what Emma’s role is going to be with Joe at the compound now. And I have to try and figure out if anyone else in the FBI is a follower.

The Following is kind of reminiscent of 24 in a way. A season long case that while doesn’t play out in real time like 24 did, feels like they tackle a day an episode.


Well the powers that be made it happen. They made “Who Shot JR” 2.0 and I am pleased. I long felt like that was the only way they could send off JR Ewing. Such an epic piece of television drama, there was no other way to do it. And yes, I realize we did not see JR being shot, but we heard the gunshots and we know that is how this is going to play out.

I am anxious to see who returns next week for JR’s funeral. I have read that the eulogies by Sue Ellen and Bobby require tissues to be at hand. I would like to say that I am not affected by such things, but I am a girl and an emotional one at that, so there is no doubt in my mind that tears will be free flowing on Monday evening.

I am hoping that the person who shot JR is not some day player who hasn’t played into the show. That would disappoint me.


I must say that this show is getting harder and harder to watch. When I first started waning, I thought it was because they just shifted their focus to terrorism and there is enough of that without adding even more. But that’s not it. The show isn’t as much fun as it was. The humor is lacking and when it is there it feels forced. I haven’t noticed as many movie references from Tony and Abby seems so whiney. I loved her character in the beginning, she was quirky, smart and fun, but now she is a bit to juvenile and really annoying. They stopped writing the Zivaisms that I grew to adore. And then McGee lost all of his naivety when he lost all that weight.  Plus now they are trying to shove Dornegut (sic) down our throats and I am just not having it.

I did enjoy the few episodes with the Assistant Director, but now Vance is back and I have never been a fan of his.

The cases stopped being interesting as well. I watched last night’s episode and knew early on who the copy cat killer was. It was no fun.

Like CSI, I have to think that this show has run its course and should be wrapped up nicely with a bow and shelved.

Body of Proof

I really don’t have much to say about this show. I watched the first season and it was enjoyable enough. I didn’t watch much of the second season. I didn’t see the finale and was surprised it was renewed.

I decided to watch since they cleaned house in the actor department and brought in some fresh blood, no pun intended. I like Mark Valley and I really like his character (at least through two episodes).

I do not like Jeri Ryan. I think she is an awful actress and I just cannot get behind that character at all. It feels like they didn’t have a blonde character and just created this role for her. She adds absolutely nothing to the series. Nothing!

Are you using this down time to catch up? Or do you even need to? I watch a lot of hockey and am a bit thankful for the run of repeats just so my DVR doesn’t fill up. I also like DVR for the simple fact that I can fast-forward through commercials! Hit the comments and let me know what you are watching. 

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