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Dallas & The Following: March 11, 2013

A fitting send off for JR Ewing? And are new pat down measures in store on The Following?

Did Dallas do right by JR Ewing? I am a bit torn on the issue. To be honest, I expected a bit more from them. A few pictures and a couple of old faces just didn’t seem like enough for JR Ewing. I felt a little let down by Bobby & Sue Ellen’s, promised tear jerking eulogies. I didn’t have many tears that’s for sure.

It was refreshing to see Bobby finally rail Ann for keeping all the secrets that eventually came out. And then she goes and throws fake tears at him. Good for him for storming out.

And little Miss Emma is quite the skank. I am half thinking that she is infiltrating South Fork for Harris. There’s something not quite kosher with her, that’s for sure.

And speaking of skanks, what was up with Sue Ellen? I was happy to see John Ross tell her off about her plans to go after Gary’s oil shares. And then she goes and falls off the wagon. It is sort of fitting that JR would be the one to send her over even after he’s dead. And I loved the “I’m a little drunk right now” during her eulogy.

Dear old Bum missed the funeral, but he sure did bring the “bang” to the reception. Old JR was doing a little more than trying to close an oil deal in Dubai. He was searching the world over for Pam, but we’re not sure why. He was also gathering the goods on Harris for Bobby. And he left John Ross a gun to go after good old Cliff Barnes.

I am hoping that we are going to get many answers in the next few episodes. One thing I do know is that if they are bringing back Pam, she’s going to have a new face. Victoria Principal is dead set on not returning, as she believes Pam died in the car vs oil tanker accident, even though the show brought Pam back.

Maybe I watch too many soap operas, but I was expecting a little more than just a passing mention of Miss Ellie and barely a nod to Jock. I would have thought there would have been something else there.  

The opening credits were very nice. That might have evoked more tears than the eulogies.

Rest in peace Larry Hagman, you are forever JR Ewing.

I’m thinking that several detention centers around the country are going to add a new search procedure to their protocol after last night’s The Following.

The writers keep finding new and amazing ways for followers to off themselves and last night they set the bar with David and his sewn-in-his-hand cyanide pill. I was all like what? How did he die from biting his own hand?

I do believe that The Vampire Diaries might have shared their stock pile of movie blood with The Following. That was a copious amount of blood on David’s face.

Another question, do small town law enforcement agencies not vet their employees? Roderick is the sheriff in Joe’s new hometown.  There was a bit of surprise for me that Roderick wasn’t a member of Team FBI.

Little Miss Emma is sure quick to try and get into Joe’s pants. I have a feeling that when, because you know it is going to happen, Claire shows up, Emma is going to have a hard time keeping her emotions and killer instincts in check.

Is anyone else wondering where all the followers are sleeping? Sure that is a large house, but are they sleeping dorm style or what?

When Weston was dismissed to the hotel for reading the new man-in-charge’s email and had suspicions about that woman, why didn’t he get in his car and head back to FBI Central? That’s what I would have done. But nope, he goes to his room and gets kidnapped by Roderick & Louise. And if he isn’t already having a bad enough day, he gets the crap beat out of him in hopes of him revealing Claire’s location. Then Charlie stabs him. But, Ryan Hardy, Superman to the rescue. He manages to take down quite a few of Joe’s followers but Louise, Roderick and a few others get away.

Weston lives! Sure he’s going to be miserable for a few weeks, but he’s alive and that’s a good thing. And Hardy is there to make sure he doesn’t wake up alone and shocker…Weston is the ONLY person on the team who does know where Claire is.

Apparently if you fail Professor Joe’s class you fail life. Charlie again screwed up in one, not getting the information from Weston and two, not killing him. He babbles on about wanting his life to have meaning then produces a large knife and hands it to Joe. Louise meanwhile, unrolls a plastic tarp for Joe & Charlie to stand on. There is a tender moment of love between the Professor and Follower and then Joe guts Charlie, right there in the living room/study/library. See this is why I didn’t study literature in college! It appeared as both men sort of “got off” on it as well, upping the ick factor by about twenty.

After, Louise and Roderick move Charlie, Roddy confesses that “things are different” with Joe in the house. Uh, duh! And Louise tries to “take his mind off of things” with a little seduction. Only, Rod is not having that and he tries to choke her out. Don’t worry folks, it’s just some sort of messed up kinkery foreplay and they end up christening the leather couch.

Meanwhile upstairs, Joe is in need of a clean shirt, what with having wiped Charlie’s bloody knife on it. Once he removes his shirt, it looks as though he took a bath in Charlie’s murder pool. Not to worry though because Emma is there to help. Apparently all those years in prison, Joe didn’t learn how to care for himself. He once again tells her that he loves his wife and she points out that “she’s not here” meaning Claire and they bask in the gloom of death by hitting the master bed.

I have to wonder if Fox has a writer’s workshop in which they teach the art of WTF moments. 24 never failed to shock and keep you guessing and The Following is doing the best job since 24 went off the air. Seriously each week they bring it and it is usually dripping with creep and blood.

What are your thoughts? Who would you trust to sew a cyanide pill into your hand? Would you hand a knife off to one of your professors for failing a course? Hit the comments and let me know.

Were you moved by Dallas’ send off of JR Ewing? Are you on-board with a new Pam? And finally, Who Shot JR?

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