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The Following: Love Hurts – March 18, 2013

I have to admit that I get a little nervous on Mondays imagining what new, messed up things the writers of The Following will bring to the table.

I took some bullet point notes this week ant thought I would share those with you.

  • I think it is sort of cool that each follower/student presents their chapter to Professor Joe.
  • Amanda might be the most visibly psychotic follower yet.
  • I have to ask, what kind of prison was Joe at? Amanda goes in and confesses to two murders and nobody had a bug on that? Are his conversations with those who are not on his legal team privileged?
  • How does Joe have Ryan’s private cell phone number? Is he part of his Friends & Family plan?
  • Dear Amanda, she is a nervous girl. All fidgety scaring that poor lady and then she just goes and spear guns her soon to be divorced friend.
  • And the connection is Claire Matthews. Not the person, just the name.
  • “How much hurt can one endure”? Obviously Joe has never watched soap operas because women on those endure tons of hurt, yet still look fabulous.
  • It seems that you have to have at least one murder on your resume to be accepted into the Carroll Cult.
    • Unless you are Jacob.
  • Speaking of Jacob, that is a really nice vacation house his parents have. Makes you wonder what kind of messed up childhood he had to have joined up with Joe’s Cult of Crazies.
  • Obviously tonight’s second Claire Mathews doesn’t watch Lifetime Television for Women or she would not have opened that door without asking for identification. Now it’s too late.
  • That is the first time I have ever seen a realistic looking scene after a fall or in this case, a throwing from way up high.
  • Now, I think all of Joe’s followers are a bit unstable, but I think Amanda is the kind of unstable that would take out the entire following if she got her hands on some weapon of mass destruction.
  • I also think she might be the most entertaining follower yet.
  • It appears as though there are night soirees at Compound Crazy. A little mixer among murderers.
  • Roderick looks like the child of Richie Cunningham and one of the Walton girls.
  • I loved Roderick doing Jacob. I literally laughed out loud. Have to think it will be one of the only times for that.
  • There isn’t a relationship on this show that is not beyond dysfunctional. My god Dr. Phil is probably salivating waiting to take a crack at this.
  • I guess Jacob is a full fledged member now that he killed Paul. Although it wasn’t quite as violent as the other members and seemed to be done out of love and oh that pesky little matter of him owing it to Paul.
  • I have to wonder how Jake’s dad is going to react to having a dead murderer on his vacation home house. I think that would dampen his already down trodden state of mind.
  • Good luck finding the third Claire Matthews in that shit show of a college rave.
  • I love how Ryan radios in that he needs backup by the ferris wheel and then takes off.
  • Man Roderick is going to be pissed. Who is he going to almost asphyxiate as foreplay now that Louise is dead?
  • Of course there would be some sort of unfinished, easily accessible construction sight to creep around in.
    • Apparently this Claire Matthews didn’t bone up on some Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer viewing in her junior high years.
  • Are we certain that Ryan wasn’t asked to leave the FBI because of their rising worker’s comp premiums? This guy gets hurt every week. This week he takes a nail gun nail to the arm. And not one of those picture hanging nails either, a big hold up Fort Knox nail.
  • As if I couldn’t find any more entertainment value in Amanda, she spouts off “It’s a freaking metaphor Ryan!”.
  • I have to wonder if Ryan Hardy enjoys playing chicken or if he is so done with life that he just doesn’t care if someone pumps him full of nails.
  • I do hope we get to revisit Amanda to see how she gets the meaning of her life. AKA, offing herself.
  • With Charlie gone, who is manning Tech Central at Camp Crazy Cult?
  • Whoa, Jacob looks pissed.

What did you think of the Love Hurts episode? Did you run to iTunes and download the Nazareth classic? Do you wonder how much Hardy owes in medical claims? Hit the comments and let me know.

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