Thursday, November 1, 2012

Face Off Crowns a Winner & The Final Hour

Face Off 
Winner Announced
October 31, 2012

I only watched the last three minutes, where they announced that Nicole was the winner. I will admit that once she returned to the show, her work was considerably better. With that said, I didn’t think she really deserved a place in the finale. I have my reasons. I felt that Roy, who had consistently received praise from the judges, should have had her spot. I can’t recall Roy being in the bottom looks, and if he was it was maybe one time. I just felt that the one challenge should not have been weighted that heavily to place Nicole over Roy.

I hate when viewer votes determine the winner. It is not a true reflection of the talent, but simply a popularity contest. It is the most frustrating things about these competition shows. I admired Face Off for not being a show that chose a winner that way. I admired them for having a panel of experts that determined who the most talented, most deserving was. It is not just because I didn’t like Nicole. It is because I thought that Derek & Laura had been better all around artists and I feel that the judges proved that through all the weeks of challenges.

The Final Hour

No, this is not a show. It is that final hour of primetime viewing. For me it is the 9:00 hour. I live in Mountain Standard Time so our primetime viewing begins at 7:00 and ends at 10:00. I have had the hardest time settling in and watching anything at 9:00. That final hour arrives and it seems like it is the time I am able to sit down and relax a bit. It is that hour that I usually spend online checking email, facebook, twitter.

Most of my DVR viewing is done on the weekends and is 90% Final Hour viewing. The only shows I try to watch “live” are Revolution on Mondays and Scandal on Thursdays. The rest of the nights I watch Friends repeats over on Nick at Nite. I can half pay attention for half an hour.

Most Final Hour shows require you to focus. They are not shows that you can just pick up half way in or hit and miss. They are not soap operas or sitcoms. Usually they are some of the best shows out there. They tend to be more intense, more adult in nature. I am sure that is because of their time position.

The Final Hour never used to be a problem for me. Then I got DVR and could push everything aside to when I am ready. And now there is Hulu+ and networks that air episodes online the next day. It is quite genius because I can get to work at 7:00, set up my iPad and pop on an episode of Scandal and get that “watched”, my email checked and my daily plan set, all before most people get to work! I believe my Hulu+ subscription is worth its weight in gold!

A little tip before I leave you today: If you have a conflict with DVR recordings, always opt to record the show on CBS. ABC, NBC, & The CW all put their episodes online the next day and also have their shows on Hulu. At least that is my experience.

Do you have a problem tuning into the Final Hour? Did you watch Face Off? Do you agree with the viewer’s choice, was Nicole the most talented? Leave me some comments and let me know!

Happy Viewing

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