Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When a Show Changes

What do you do when a show goes south? Do you keep watching, waiting, hoping for it to get back to form or do you cut your losses?

I have been asking myself these questions over the last few seasons. Shows that I once loved, couldn’t live without, have consistently been going down hill and I am not sure if I am missing the appeal or if others are.  Let me give you a few examples.


This show used to be so funny and so engaging. Sure I had to overlook the realism of the FBI needing continual use of a forensic anthropologist. I had to overlook the computer technology that I don’t believe exists. That was fine. I could put all that aside because the characters were interesting. Hodgins with his experiments and conspiracy paranoia; Angela with her boho style and attitude; Brennan with her  lack of personality and matter of factness; and Booth with his total guy exterior.

But it changed. It changed when they decided to write Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy into the script. For me it doesn’t work. This sudden relationship that grew from a one-night sympathy sexcapade. I just can’t get behind it. I don’t like the way Brennan has changed. It doesn’t feel natural to have her and Booth kissing and playing house.

Perhaps part of it changed for me when I realized that I really don’t like David Boreanez. I followed him on twitter, and he made some statements and did some name calling that I felt was childish and really lowball. Ever since then I just can’t look at him without thinking negative thoughts.

Did the show change or did I change?


Remember when we still had Zivaisms? When the cases were stand alone and didn’t always tie with terrorism? When you didn’t have to have a full season arc that was hit and miss? When the director wasn’t a fixture, but a person you never saw?

I tend to do other things while I am watching this program. I read, write, clean. Anything but sit down and pay strict attention. If I were to just watch I fear I would slip into a coma. The show has become boring. Something I don’t care if I miss. Because after all it will eventually air on USA network.

Gibbs isn’t fun. McGee is more serious. Ziva lost her aloofness, her edge. Tony changed for the better, he isn’t as goofy. I get we all grow up, but why did the writer’s take away the fun? Ducky’s stories, once quirky are now downright painful and Palmer has taken annoyance to a new level.

It seems most every case is tied to terrorism of some sort. Nobody commits murder just to commit murder.

Have they run out of material? Ideas? Oomph?

I don’t think it can all be me, can it? Is my taste for television changing? Have I watched too much and am nearing my limit? Or am I just getting older and have less tolerance than I use to?

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