Thursday, November 8, 2012

Arrow Answers My Questions

It would figure that I would post questions I had about Arrow and they would answer them that very night.

Here’s a rundown of what happened last night.

  • Oliver gets arrested, but he PLANNED on that.
  • He magically entices Laurel to be his lawyer, then…
  • Submits to a polygraph to convince Detective Dad that he is innocent and admits to being tortured.
    • Apparently he learned how to be a polygraph while on the island.
      • Seems he got quite the education while stranded. Including a session from Death Stroke (at least I think it was Death Stroke (I’m still lost on all these characters. Must read up on them)).
  • He also laughs off his arrest and plans a party (since he is on house arrest, he has it poolside at Queen Manor)
    • Where he shows his scars to Laurel & they share a tender moment.
  • Diggle has signed on to be a part of Oliver’s Righting the Wrongs movement.
    • Which helps Oliver’s case when Diggle wears the Arrow hood and thwarts a gun deal all while Oliver is at his prison party
      • Thus allowing the charges against Oliver to be dropped.
      • But not before someone tries to murder him
      • Good thing Detective Dad was invited to the party to shoot the bad guy dead.
  • Then he suits up and saves the day by doing bad/good to the gun dealers.

Also happening
  • Walter, after finding the Queen’s Gambit, consults with the head of security for Queen Industries and asks him to move the wreck to a secure location. Only before Chief Security can, he is killed in a convenient accident. Thus prompting Walter to confront Moira, who tells him she is protecting him. He then decides to check up on operations in Australia.
  • Little sis Thea is onto Oliver’s secret identity, thanks to the arrow head he gave her, which he totally tried to pass off as a souvenir picked up in the airport.

Did you enjoy this week’s episodes? Do you like the random bits of flashback? Or are you like me and would like to have an episode dedicated to island life? Hit the comments and let me know.

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