Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekly Questions - The Thursday Edition

Thursday was a full night of television in my household and these are the questions I was left with after three hours.

The Vampire Diaries

  • Caroline has super hero hearing right? So did she overhear Klaus on the phone with Tyler?
  • So is Caroline the official compel artist in Mystic Falls? She seems to be the go-to person to make people forget.
  • Is Jeremy sweet on April or does he just think she's been through enough already?
  • Was Connor the James Bond of vampire hunters? He had some pretty slick weaponry.
  • So is Jeremy going to tell anyone about his cure map?
  • And why did his map start to grow? He didn't kill a vampire.
  • Is Elena the sloppiest vampire ever? She never seems to wipe her face, which is poor hygiene.
  • Is Bonnie the dumbest witch? Who trusts a man named Professor Shane?
  • Is Elena all effed up because she killed a hunter or because he was a descendant of one of the Five?
Grey's Anatomy

  • How much time is passing by on this show?
    • Zola is potty training
    • Minnesota is getting hit by mega snow storms
  • Who else loved "Buck Up", it's a Minnesota thing?
  • What city/state was Dr. Thomas driving in? There was no snow on the streets!
  • Did anyone else laugh out loud at "Doomsday Preppers"?
  • Could you blame anyone for not wanting to get involved with pulling a near dead lady from underneath a car? 
  • Why was Meredith so surprised? After all she is in the middle of a lawsuit for a plane crash.
  • Are frozen fish sticks Brazilian?
  • Are you supposed to microwave said fish sticks?
  • Who else wants a "bug out bag" stocked with alcohol?
  • Did anyone else expect to see Alex sitting with Zola on the potty?
  • Uh, did anyone else think they wasted their time on Dr. Thomas? That man was not coming back, not at all.
  • Uh, would that lady be talking? Didn't Callie say they replaced her entire volume of blood four times?
  • Who else is excited to watch Christina refer to her interns by their dwarf names?

  • What kind of secret circle is this?
  • So, Olivia solved the David Rosen problem by getting him his job back?
  • Do you just love that Huck attends AA meetings to deal with his addiction to killing people?
  • Did you all think she was raped? Really? 
  • Am I the only one who thinks going on a stalking date with Huck would be fun?
  • What governor hits the bar on the way home?
  • Is Hollis Doyle the most powerful man in DC? or the World?
  • Why didn't they name the episode 4,359?
  • Was Mellie wearing a helmet made of hair?
  • Was the best line of the night "If your water breaks, change your pants and cross your knees"?
  • Do you think Cyrus is bipolar?
  • Is Abby going to start "investigating"?
  • Really Governor? Rape is a "gorgeous word"? Wow!
  • Voter fraud? 
  • Is the computer plant guy in the Secret Circle?
  • Will Abby live to see the end of the season?
Wowzers what a night! Did you tune in? Do you have any burning questions? Hit the comments and let me know.

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