Saturday, November 3, 2012

What's On Tonight?

Nightly my Mom will ask me what is on t.v. that she likes. For some reason she can’t remember what night her favorite shows are on. It’s not her getting older, she has pretty much always been like this. Television was never her thing in the past like it was mine. But as she has gotten older and her children grew, she suddenly had more time and the best way to past time in this age is to watch television. Usually she is a day off on her shows. She thinks Elementary is on Fridays or Face Off is on Mondays. It is not uncommon for her to ask me twice a night what is on. I have made her schedules, printed them off, but she never looks at them. So I have learned to deal with it.

One thing she always seems to remember is that there is never anything on Saturday nights. I have often been irritated that there is never anything on Saturday nights. I am sure there are several reasons. Such as most people go out on Saturday nights.

The only thing that was ever new on a Saturday night was the HBO premiere. Remember the theme song for the Feature Presentation? I love when they sometimes go old school and still play that.

Now Saturday nights are reserved for college football and repeats. I think 48 Hours still airs new episodes, but gone are my days of watching real crime. The fake crime is so much more glamorous. With the invention of DVR?TiVo, one can catch up on those shows they missed during the week. Or if you have expanded cable/satellite you can catch a week’s worth of General Hospital on Soap Net.

I always have a hard time deciding what to do watch. I know I have Sunday coming up and want to usually save the “good” shows for Sunday afternoon knitting sessions. As I type this, the October 12th CSI New York is playing. It is a show that I can listen to, I don’t really have to watch. I can glance over my shoulder from time to time and be perfectly caught up and in tune.

What do you watch on Saturday nights if you stay home? Do you watch repeats, recordings, movies? Hit the comments and give me some ideas or answers!

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