Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Revolution: The Children's Crusade

“The Children’s Crusade”
November 5, 2012

There were some very funny moments in this episode, thanks to Aaron. First he mentioned the “Children of the Corn” and then called said corn children, “pack of hairless Ewoks”. I loved it!

There was a moment when looking at all those children that I thought perhaps they were all Brad & Angelina’s. Was I the only one? I was wondering who/what killed their parents and when? Some of them were awfully young. So I am thinking that their parents died rather recently versus at the beginning of the blackout (15 years prior).

I loved when Rachel told Bass that she didn’t know where Bradley lived. “I’ve been out of the loop for some reason.” A lot of great writing tonight.

Was anyone else surprised that these kids tugged at Miles’  heartstrings a little? I loved seeing that change in him.

I have to wonder what season they are currently in. I wonder this because Charlie, Aaron & Miles all wear somewhat heavy coats, yet Nora walks around sleeveless. I mean I sort of understand why Miles would opt to wear long sleeves as I am sure he has the Militia brand, but the others? And Aaron is a big guy and big people don’t deal well with heat.

It seems that Aaron is sort of playing fast and loose with the power pendant. First he dropped it and Nate/Jason saw it and reported back to Bass. Then the little chitlen tonight took it. For something that is so precious, you would think he would keep that stuffed somewhere safe.

Captain Neville. He is a game changer. I know we saw his backstory, but I really don’t understand how he went from a timid insurance adjuster to murderer in six weeks and then on to become Mr. Militia.

A lot of people die on this show, yet there is not a lot of blood. Keeping it a little on the family friendly side of life. I have my own thoughts on the shortage of movie blood. I am a staunch believer that The Vampire Diaries have claimed it all for themselves this season.

So the power pendant just chooses when it wants to work? Grace seemed to be somewhat in control of hers. But Ben’s sort of has a mind of its own.

It seems that while at Drexel Manor last week, Aaron picked himself up a shiny new pair of balls. He is upping his kill count.

I can’t quite figure out if I am supposed to hate Bass or find him somewhat endearing.

Was I the only person who expected the DOD guy’s eyes to start glowing or for him to sprout horns? He reads total sci-fi creepo to me. I can’t seem to find out who plays him.

In case anyone out there is wondering where you know Lt. Slotnick from, he was played by Joshua Cox and he was on Strong Medicine. Too bad he got “slotured” because I sort of liked him, except when he was being a total dick.

You could totally tell that Elizabeth Mitchell was not really pregnant. First, that was an obvious belly pillow and two, what that-many-months pregnant women risks it in wedges?

So, DOD is Randall. Creepy ass Randall.

And the whole blackout started because of a big old oops? They created an energy killing machine rather than clean energy? Definitely did not see this as the result of a total failure experiment.

Three episodes left this year? Wait! Does that mean only three episodes before the three month hiatus?

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